Real Requests, Fake Data

Designing a UI before your back end is ready?

Mimic your back-end APIs using Mockaroo and can start writing front-end code today.

Design Data

Choose from 100+ built-in data types, upload your own reference data, or build your own using Mockaroo's formula API

Build Routes

Mimic your real API, including URL, path variables, query string, and entity body. Map request parameters to your schema then generate dynamic data, simulate errors, or simply return static data.

Send Requests

Swap out your domain for in development and start firing off requests. Pass your API key in the query string or via an X-API-Key header.

Free to Try

Sign up for a free account to start creating your own mock API. Send up to 1000 requests per day. Take as long as you like to figure out if it works for you.

Affordable Pricing

$60/year gets you up to 1 million records per day and gives you access to all of Mockaroo's features. Upgraded and unlimited plans available.


Call any URL with a plain or secure connection.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Create a Schema

Use Mockaroo's data designer to design a format for the response.

Step 2: Create a Mock API

Define a URL and specify how the response is generated. You can map incoming request parameters to parameters in your schema, augment generated data with static values, conditionally return an error, or simply return a static data using Mockaroo's Ruby API.

Step 3: Fetch Data

Start sending requests using the client library of your choice. Here's an example using JavaScript:

const url = '' const users = await fetch(url, { headers: { "X-API-Key": mockarooApiKey } }).then(response => response.json()) console.log(users)