Regular Expressions

While Mockaroo supports a ton of built-in datatypes, it doesn't have everything and probably never will.  Fortunately, you can use the powerful Regular Expression datatype to generate random data in almost  any format.

The following character classes are supported:

\wwords from lorem ipsum
[:upper:]uppercase letters
[:lower:]lowercase letters
[:name:]random first and last name
[:first_name:]random first name
[:last_name:]random last name
{{ my_field }}Value of field named "my field"


Aa3h15! => "Aaaahhhhh!"
\d4 => "5168"
[:upper:]2-\d3-[:lower:]1 => "XS-455-c"
((A|B|C)2)((1|2|3)3) => "CB211"
[:plus:]\d2 \d3 \d3 \d4 => "+01 410 555 3934"

Mockaroo uses randgen for generating values from regular expressions. See the randgen documentation for more info on syntax.

Use Case: Currencies

Let's say you want to generate random prices between 1 and 100 in different currencies that look like:

10,26 AUD
3,99 EUR
100,00 CNY

You can generate data like this by first creating a Currency Code field called "currency", then a Regular Expression field called "price" with the following pattern:

\d{1,3},\d{2} {{currency}}

By combining Mockaroo's built-in datatypes with your own regular expressions, you can mock virtually any type of data!